Source Equipment for MGPS Service provider in India|Source Equipment for MGPS Service provider in India

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Source Equipment for MGPS

Source equipment provides the medical gases and vacuum to meet requirement of the health care facilities all the time at desire level of pressure and flow. Therefore it is imperative that dependable source equipment with standby units are planned and connected to distribution network through effective control system

nsp Hospitech consider four important factors i.e. Quality, Continuity, Adequacy, & Identity   that ensures Medical Gas System Safety and install, commission, integrate  twin or triple and emergency back-up system of source equipment depending on Pipeline level (NFPA – 99) for the followings-

  • Pressurized  medical Oxygen
    1. Compressed Medical Oxygen cylinder with manifold
    2. Medical cryogenic oxygen
    3. High Purity Oxygen generator - VPSA (Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption
  • Nitrous Oxide Cylinder with manifold
  • Medical vacuum plant (single/duplex/triplex)
  • Medical air (ISO 7396-1:2007, ISO 6573-1:2001, HTM 02-01)
    1. a. Medical Compressed air cylinder with manifold
    2. Medical Air Plant (single/duplex/triplex/quadruples system)
  • Instrument air for pneumatic application
    1. a. Compressed air cylinder with manifold
    2. Air Compressor (single/duplex/triplex/quadruples system)
  • Surgical Carbon Di-oxide (CO2 ) cylinder with manifold
  • Mixed Gas Cylinder with manifold
  • Nitrogen cylinder with manifold
All source equipment for Medical Gases & Vacuum is connected through respective control system to pipeline network. Controls are designed for automatic switching maintaining stable pressure in the network with provision of audio-visual alarm.
Capacity of Air receiver and Vacuum receiver vessel is installed considering the designed usage in hospitals / health care establishment.
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