Pipeline for Medical Gas Distribution Service provider in Silvassa|Pipeline for Medical Gas Distribution Service provider in Silvassa

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Pipe work for Medical Gas Distribution

Pipe work is a critical segment of Medical Gas Pipeline Distribution System to minimize pressure drop in the network even during simultaneous multipoint terminal operation maintaining economy on sizing of pipe
Pipe work design for compressed gases and Vacuum is done on the basis of guideline & criterion  in HTM 02 – 01
(Part – A) considering following factors to ensure final delivery pressure including Vacuum (Negative Pressure) at the remote terminal :-
a. total connected flow rate
b. the diversity factor
c. the allowable friction loss (pipe, fittings, valves )
d. the equivalent length of piping
However sometime over sizing is deliberately considered where augmentation or expansion of part of the network is envisaged. The pipe work covers :-
  • Medical Oxygen [O2]
  • Nitrous Oxide [N20]
  • Medical Vacuum [VAC]
  • Medical Air [AIR]
  • Nitrogen [N2]
  • Carbon Dioxide [CO2]
  • Surgical Compressed Air
  • Medical Mixed Gases
Medically degreased seamless “K” or “L” type copper pipe capped & plugged conforming to ASTM Standard B 819, DIN EN 13348, or equivalent are used and all copper joining done by Silver Brazing with AWS Classification BCuP-5 following procedure in accordance with ASTM B 828 after purging with oil free dry Nitrogen gas. Identification of entire pipe work is done with color paint according to the color code provision for gas services of applicable standard indicating direction of flow.
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