Medical Gas Pipeline System Service provider in Silvassa|Medical Gas Pipeline System Service provider in Silvassa

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Medical Gas Pipeline System
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Anaesthetic Gas Scavenge Suction Systems
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Medical Gas Pipeline System

The MGPS for medical gases and vacuum is a critical part of the medical installation in a hospital or health care centre.  This complex and extensive system is designed, executed to deliver the right gas at the right pressure and flow-rate.  The Medical gases (oxygen, compressed air, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide) ,vacuums must be safely and reliably available at all times
nsp Hospitech offer integrated customized system solutions and services  for Central supply system of medical gases from planning to commissioning  in accordance with the international standards of customer’s choice with all relevant documents including validation as per the provision of the standard
Medical Gas Pipeline Distribution System include following segments:-
  1. Source Equipment  -  Compressed Gas Manifold, Gas Control with Fully Automatic Change-over, Cryogenic Liquid in combination with High-pressure Cylinder Manifold & High Pressure Cylinder Reserve, Standby Emergency supply, Oil-free Medical Air Compressor, Vacuum station, VPSA, Instrument Air system

  2. Distribution Network – Pipe work (Single or Double-stage system), Main-line Valves, Riser Valves, Service Valves, Zone Valves , Alarm System, Area Alarm  which can be integrated with Master Alarm.
  1. Terminal Points (Outlets) -  Gas Specific outlets i.e. Quick Connect Compatible Models- PURITAN-BENNETT, PARKODEX , OHMEDA (DIAMOND), BRITISH STANDARD , SCRADDER & DISS with various mounting options.

  2. Downstream Secondary devices - Oxygen Therapy Unit, Suction Units, Bed-head Unit, Arm Based & Fixed Based Ceiling Pendants.
Medical Gas Pipeline Services
Medical gas Source Standard
Oxygen Compressed gas, Cryogenic
Oxygen & Oxygen
Generating Plant (VPSA)
7396 – 1 : 2007 HTM 02 – 01: Part A IS 12827
Nitrous Oxide Liquefied in Cylinder
Surgical Carbon Di-oxide Liquefied in Cylinder
Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen
50/50 Mixture (N2O/O2)
Mixed Pressurized Gas
(He/O2; He = 79%; O2 21%)
 Mixed Pressurized Gas
Air for respiratory
applications (MA 4 / AR 4)
Pressurized Gas   or
Air Compressor
Surgical Air for air tools
(SA 7 / AR 7)
Pressurized Gas   or
Air Compressor
Medical Vacuum Vacuum Generator
Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging
Systems (AGSS)
Vacuum Generator

7396 – 2: 2007

The installation supplying medical gases meets the requirements of the Directive 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices and  the amendment introduced by directive 2007 / 47/ EC
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