Medical Gas Control & Automatic Changeover Service provider in Silvassa|Medical Gas Control & Automatic Changeover Service provider in Silvassa

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Medical Gas Control & Automatic Changeover

Medical Gas Control is the heart of Medical Gas Distribution System to ensure availability of uninterrupted supply of gases at desired stable pressure & flow to the remotest terminal points for secondary devices
nsp Hospitech  attach outmost importance on the reliability and designed Genius Gas Control & Manifold which is a pressure reducing and switchover integrated unit with double stage pressure reduction for stability & safe Control  .

The fully Automatic Change-over facility triggered by pneumatic switching eliminates dependence on external power beside the possible human failure. The only interface with human is to connect fresh supply source to the empty bank.
  The modular design of manifold with high pressure non-return valves takes care of the scope for future facility augmentation and expansions.  Compressed gas sources are connected to the manifold either by high pressure annealed copper pigtails which must be aligned to the cylinder valves for correct leak free connections   or   by high pressure Stainless Steel braded flexible hose connections where orientation of cylinders are not critical due to flexibility and handling of large number cylinders  is done with ease.
Operating alarms and visual signals are inbuilt with the control and delivery pressure for all system gases is 4 bar (58 psi) except for Air for Surgical Tools (Air Motors) which is at 7 bar (102 psi).However downstream pressure can be adjusted to comply with the provisions of the standard opted by the customer.
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