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Gas Distribution Network Control

In a complex Medical Gas distribution system it is absolutely necessary to have effective monitoring and control in place to track malfunctions and take corrective steps without jeopardizing entire supply to the Hospital.
Key elements of the Control system -
  1. Identification of various medical gas piping.
  2. Monitoring  of Medical Gas line pressure & Vacuum (Negative pressure)
  3. Arrangement to isolate affected section for corrective activities and maintenance

Color Identification of Medical Gases & Vacuum -
Medical gas piping is clearly identified using color paint defined for specific gas service or non removable stickers that are color coded specific to the gas and colors are standardized according to the code. In case of non-removable sticker it should be spaced along the pipe,  no more than 6m apart and also at every valve, each access door and at each service connection. The color coding is followed for the following gases:-

  1. Oxygen
  2. Nitrous Oxide
  3. Carbon Dioxide
  4. Medical  Vacuum
  5. Nitrogen
  6. Instrument Air
  7. Medical/Surgical Compressed Air
  8. Medical Mixed Gases
The Medical Gas & Vacuum Distribution Network is designed for uninterrupted and stable supply of medical Gases, it is necessary to establish a monitoring system  traces the gas pressure from the source of supply through piping to the section to use the gas. Therefore monitoring of status in the entire network is essential and this task is performed by Audio-visual alarms / Operating alarms and information signals
The network is designed to isolate Area, Section, Zone etc for maintenance work without affecting supplies to the unaffected areas of the healthcare establishment and control is done through planning and locating judiciously Main-line Valves, Riser Valves, Service Valves, Zone Valves, In-line Valves, Valves for Future Connections, Branch Takeoffs etc
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