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Clean Room Modular OT

In the quest of hygienic protection by reducing air borne bacteria or virus laden air, nsp Hospitech India Pvt. Ltd formed a dedicated team to design and execute projects for delivering  ultraclean air over the operating table downwards and outwards with highest standard following guidelines of HTM 2025 and Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control in Health-Care Facilities.
Air is source of infection, therefore design and ventilation of operation theatres is the most important means of controlling air borne contamination and thus preventing air borne infection in operation theatre. Our design team addresses both endogenous and exogenous sources of Surgical Site Infections (SSI pathogens) while designing and aim to achieve low germ number in the operating area & in the supply air flow to ensure clean and safe environment for the patient, surgeon and OT staff.Vertical Laminar Flow is the most effective way to Control Microbe Levels and Air-Handling Systems in Health-Care Facilities is the most important segment in the design for appropriate air quality and ventilation conditions. Protective environment is also the requirement of specialized patient care area specially for Immunocompromised patients from airborne infection
Advantages of association with nsp Hospitech India Pvt.Ltd – 
Modular OT accommodates the most integrated functions and features.

Concept allows modifying, extension and maintaining without any major wastage.

Vertical Laminar Air Flow for OT (LAF).

The entire body of extremely homogeneous laminar air flow with very little turbulence in a designed space in single direction.
Laminar flow quickly reforms, if broken around obstacles, such as operating lights.

Antistatic flooring for Operation Theatre / ICU / CCU / Clean Rooms.

Commitment to maintain designed protection level through schedule maintenance contract.
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