Medical Gas Pipeline System Service provider in India|Medical Gas Pipeline System Service provider in India

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Service & Support

Medical Gas System maintenance is the extension of our activities beside design, installation, commissioning of Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS) in the Hospitals and other Health Care centers. It is corollary to our commitment to provide service for trouble free uninterrupted supply of medical gases and vacuum with designed efficiency to improve the quality of patient care
The MGPS for medical gases and vacuum is a critical part of the medical installation and the complex and extensive system network is expected to deliver the right gas at the right pressure and flow-rate at 100 per cent operating efficiency. In order to prevent unpredictable system faults, a Planned Preventative Maintenance as well as Corrective Maintenance program is drawn in consultation with the hospital management to keep Medical Gas System in peak operating condition.

Planned Preventative Maintenance
Performed on a scheduled basis. (Source Equipment, Pipeline Network Control & Alarm, Medical Gas & Vacuum Terminals  & Interfacing Devices.)

Corrective Maintenance - performed to restore proper operating condition
Support activities –
  1. Utility System Survey (System evaluations, Operational Pressure & Vacuum tests and corrective measure)
  2. Expansion, Augmentation, Rerouting of existing system.
Conversion of Outlet (Terminal units) and other secondary devices.
  1. Retrofitting / Replacement of Bed-head Trunking, Nurse Call System, Medical Rail, Pendant, Trays, Racks, Stands etc.
Planned maintenance is a necessary component of Medical Gas Pipeline System to keep down-time to a minimum and maintenance procedure is reviewed in consultation with hospital / health care management. The entire maintenance program is drawn following guidelines of HTM 02 – 01 Part – B (2006).
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