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Digital Auto Change Over (AMAZON - D)


The latest addition in the family of nsp IV Change-over (Control Panel) is the compact digital display unit AMAZON – D with built–in Piston type regulators. The induction of Piston Type Regulators at 1st Stage (High Pressure) and as well as at 2nd Stage (Low Pressure) practically eliminate the possibility of regulator failure which is a very common with the traditional diaphragm type regulators.

The digital unit while maintaining steady downstream pressure, switches over automatically from operating manifold to standby manifold and vice versa without human intervention.

The auto-switching is achieved through pneumatic mechanism to maintain uninterrupted (24 X 7) supply to the pipeline network of the Health care establishment. Power supply of 220 V AC – 12 V DC is through external adapter and used for digital display and Audio-visual alarm only. The operation of steady and continuous gas flow is independent of power supply.

AMAZON – D is provided with preset downstream bleeder valve and high pressure escape valve for operational safety. 1” BSP male connections located on both sides of the unit for connecting cylinder manifold header.

The system is available for the following gas services:-

AMAZON- D - Auto Change Over Units: Technical information
Gas Service
Inlet Pressure
Bar (Max) psi
Outlet Pressure
(Static) psi
Max flow
Liter / min

Ordering code
AGS – 1 k MONO 1000 LPM 3 Phase 345 - 415 V, 50 Hz   6241610
AGS – 2 k MONO 2100 LPM   6241620
AGS – 2.5 k MONO 2500 LPM   6241630
DISCLAIMER: nsp Auto Change over meet and exceed the requirements of relevant standard at the time of manufacture. However piping source, capacity, sizing and restrictions may prevent from attaining the stipulated value
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