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Anaesthetic Gas Scavenge Suction Systems (AGS SUCTION)

Controlling occupational exposure to waste anesthetic gases is a concern for the hospital management. To take care of health of the "Health Caregivers." nsp Hospitech have inducted two types of evacuation devices (Gas Scavenging) in the range of Medical Gas Pipeline System (MGPS).

nsp AGS Mono & nsp AGS Duo

"nsp AGS Mono" is a single unit whereas “Duo”, is a double unit set-up. In Duo one unit is in operational mode while the other one is in stand-by mode. But nsp Duo has additional advantage of automatically supporting the operating unit in case of higher demand and remains operational till restoration of normalcy. It also offers a choice to pre-select operative & stand-by mode.

Both are active disposal system which can produce high capture levels and removal at the source eliminates the possible long term health hazards for the exposed medical staff in hospitals, stand-alone operating rooms, recovery rooms, dental operations etc. This is most suitable onsite disposal system for health care facilities that have large operating suites.

These are dedicated low velocity exhaust system for collection of excess gases from one or more ORs and discharged to the outdoors. The powerful side channel exhaust blower from Germany makes the unit very compact, reliable and creates sufficient negative pressure, so that cross-contamination does not occur in the other ORs connected to this system.
System Capacity
Electrical input
Ordering code
AGS – 1 k MONO 1000 LPM 3 Phase 345 - 415 V, 50 Hz 0.85 kW 6241610
AGS – 2 k MONO 2100 LPM 1.3 kW 6241620
AGS – 2.5 k MONO 2500 LPM 1.6 kW 6241630
AGS – 1 k DUO 1000 LPM 3 Phase 345 - 415 V, 50 Hz 0.85 kW 6242610
AGS – 2 k DUO 2100 LPM 1.3 kW 6242620
AGS – 2.5 k DUO 2500 LPM 1.6 kW 6242630
NOTE: Suction Capacity measured at intake of the unit at -125 mbar.
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